Site has just appeared and I need time to code and fill it. That's why "Projects" is currently the only working section of it.


At the Swing.School dance school everyone can attend (not only) my dance lessons and learn how to dance Swing — solo or partnered social improvisation to Jazz, Blues, Rock'n'Roll and other music of different tempos — no matter of one's age, sex, gender, physical conditions or talents.

This project takes start on October 2013. Since then the school has already changed its' name twice (from "Swingin' Moscow" and "Swing in Moscow") and constantly adapted its' study process to create the most comfortable study environment, improve learning effectiveness and crush the majority of social stereotypes to let its' dancers be universal and comfortable to dance with.


Being a swing dance teacher and DJ at swing dance parties I've always looked for the best way to organize my music collection - by tempo, by swing dance style, by musical structure, by duration and by a lot of other parameters.

That's when the idea of SwingoMusic was born - the music tracks database with an easy and multiparametric search, a list of Jazz/Blues standards and a playlists generator for all swing dancers and for particular parts of them (f.i. Lindy Hop beginners) - in order to let anybody find a lot of great music for dancing.


There have been some releases of great software products recently, which can automatically determine the music track's tempo. But swinging tracks still often lead to wrong results due to the specific rhythm pattern they contain.

That's why a lot of swing dancers still use so called "BPM tappers". Their working scheme is simple: within particular intervals based on the music track you click on keys, mouse buttons or screen, and the script gives you a result - track's tempo in BPM (Beats Per Minute). BPMer is one of such scripts. I wrote it for myself, my collleagues - dance teachers and other dancers who need to train and perform to tracks of specific tempo.